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Neale, PO Box 3294, San Bernardino, Calif.
motto: "A New Enjoyment In Recorded Music"

-- Singles --

719: Kris Arden -- You'll Reap Just What You Sow / Dwight Duvall -- Blue Memories (both wr. Walter Greenlaw) (©1962)
722: Sonny Marcell -- It's A Very Fine Day ("with orchestra") / Sammy Marshall -- Teri Ann (both wr. John T. Burke) (Sonny Marcell and Sammy Marshall were one and the same singer)
724: Frank Perry -- I Never Stopped Lovin' You / We're Not Too Young (both wr. Hathcock-Vito)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins -- Memories Of Kennedy/My Blue Star (both wr. Hasil Adkins) (10-inch, 78 rpm acetate)

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