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Jay Bird
Jay Bird Records, PO Box 140, Parsons KS 67357

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1010: Rodd Rivers & Big Action Sound -- Any Way You Want It / Happy Song
1012: Karen Kimberly-Rodd Rivers and the "Big Action Sound" -- Slippin' Out (Al Monday-Linnie Dixon) / Karen Kimberly and the "Big Action Sound" -- Heart Break Of Love (Al Monday-Karen Kimberly)
1018: Howard Perkins -- Jesus Is My Everything (Stan Lane) / He Reached Down His Hand (Howard Perkins) (©1972)
1023: Don Purple -- Grandma's Red Bikini (Elise Williams/Don McHan) / Kris Arden -- My Dream Of Romance (Howard M. Stocksdale)
1026: Dickie Gaylor -- Got My Eyes On You / I Wanna Dance (c.'73)
1028: Barbara McNeil -- Words Come Easy / The Waitin' Was The Makin' (both wr. Bob & Dick Chamberlin) (©1974)
1029: Don Loving -- Hang A Note On My Door Knob (Al Monday & Don Loving) / Roberta -- Love Ask Not How (Al Monday) (©1974)
1032: Don Loving -- Beautiful Macon Georgia (R. Sadler-Goff) / Bed Time Blues (A. Monday-S. Stanton) (A-side singer is really Sammy Marshall; B-side singer is really Lance Hill; "Goff" writer credit is crossed out)
1035: Rusty O'Reilly with The Kansas Prairie Quartet & The Sandy Stanton Orchestra -- Lord, Let The Love Bells Chime / Star Of Bethlehem (both wr. Violet Dooley & Dorothy Hvisdak) (Note: The spring/summer 1976 issue of Vellez Music News says of this release, "Song #1 is a Bicentennial Country Gospel Song & was released April 1, 1976. Star of Bethlehem is to be released 11/1/76. These too have a nice beat. They were produced by Sandy Stanton in Hollywood." If someone can explain how two sides of the same record can have release dates more than six months apart, please let us know.)
1038: Jim Fraser -- With A Heart Full Of Love / Roger Morris -- Over The Threshold Into Heaven (both wr. Thelma Burnham-E.C. Laney) (1977)
1039: Sandy Stanton with Swinging Strings -- Ping Pong Love (V. Dooley-D. Morris-S. Stanton) / James Fraser & Winchester Swaying Country Guitars -- Rose Petal Lips (V. Dooley-S. Stanton) (©1976) (Note: This record was reviewed by Ken Halverson in the winter 1976 issue of the amateur songwriters' newsletter Vellez Music News: "Both sides are good & it's a toss up which side will hit the charts first." Immediately below that review, Ken reviewed the latest self-released single by Hasil Adkins, and below that the latest Tony Alamo album, entitled Susan, I Love You So Much It Hurts Me -- Love Tony.)
1042: Eric Williams & Penny Boyd & Country Wind Boys -- Happy Hunting Ground / Mama's Music, Papa's Song (both wr. Fred E. Sollie) (©1977)
1043: Virge Brown with The Shadow Boys -- Alimony Blues (©1978) / Daddy, We Never Got To Say Goodby (both wr. Margie Wyman & Virge Brown) (©1979)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Sing A Happy Song (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Slippin' Out (1972)
number unknown: Eloise Williams -- Country Girl (Audnie A. Sousa) (1972)
number unknown: Keron Kimberly -- This Love I Have For You (Audnie A. Sousa) (1972)
number unknown: Ken Lowrey -- I'd Walk A Mile For Your Smile / You're With Me Baby (1977)
number unknown: Al Monday -- Beautiful Macon Georgia / Bad Time Blues (both wr. Rebecca Sadler) (1977)
number unknown: Chevron & Flagstones -- I Made It To Broadway / Disco Island Lady (both wr. Chebron Henry) (1979; poss. not s-p)
number unknown: Virge Brown with The Shadow Boys -- Alimony Blues / Daddy, We Never Got To Say Goodby (both wr. Margie Wyman & Virge Brown) (1979)

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