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Inner-Glo Records, P.O. Box 307, Emporia KS

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101: Sandy Singer -- What Have I Done / Never To Know (both wr. Edith E. Hopkins) (1962)
102: Sonny Marcell -- Was Young Love Born To Die (Edith Hopkins) / Sugah Tongue (Edith Hopkins-Fred Weismantel) (1962)
103: Sonny Marcell -- Hurry, Lord God, Reach Down For Me / Just A Whisper
104: Sonny Marcell -- I'll Do It For You (Lloyd Evans-Edith Hopkins) / Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Edith Hopkins-Fred Weismantel)
105: Jimmie Dee -- Guitar Pickin' Man (Dale-Cowan) / Chuck Cowan -- Sweet Frenzy (1959; prob. not song-poem)
106: Joel Pitt -- Just One Dance / Adios In The Night
108: Chuck Cowan -- The Chessman Trio -- Lock The Windows (Edith Hopkins & Evelyn DeSimoni) / Away From You (Lloyd Evans & Edith Hopkins) (1962; not a song-poem record)
110: David, Paul & Carof -- The Love Of A Woman / A Rose Can't Grow (both wr. Edith Hopkins) (1964)
111: Kris Arden -- One Love Alone (Edith Hopkins-Eleanor Capo) / I Never Knew A World Without You (Edith Hopkins)
112: Kris Arden -- That's The Place I Should Be / Should I Forget (both wr. Edith Hopkins)
113: Rod Rogers -- Only When She's Blue (Edith Hopkins) / Famous Last Words (Tony Glenn & Edith Hopkins)
114: Kris Arden -- He Can Fix A Star / Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (both wr. Edith Hopkins)
115: Lance Hill -- The World Is The Shape Of A Teardrop (Oleta Harris & Edith Hopkins) / Shut My Mouth (Edith Hopkins)
116: Kris Arden -- So You're Sorry Again
117: Rod Rogers -- Let's Share A Prayer (Edith & Bud Hopkins) / Smile, It's Christmas (Oleta Harris & Edith Hopkins)
number unknown: Joel Pitt -- Most Precious Saviour / Dollars For Satan (1964)
number unknown: Chuck Cowan -- Love's Been Good To Me / Just Another Man (1966; probably not a song-poem record)

DJ comment card for IG-111 sent out by Inner-Glo's Edith Hopkins.

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