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Grand Recording Co., 1354 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass.
also: 835 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester MA 02125

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28349/28350: (no artist named) -- Sounds Of Music: "The Best Of The Unknown Songwriters"
I'll Follow Along Behind You (Dallas Green)
You Got To Be A Habit With Me (Herschel E. Guy)
Yours With All My Love (Eleanor McKissick)
Break Bread With Your Brothers (Herschell E. Guy)
Our Flag (Victor D. Harris)
A Lonely Man (Robert E. Whitehead)
The Jolly Jolly Life (Ellsworth J. Leach)
Heal My Soul (Martin Blackwell)
Denied The Claim (Loretta Keseric)
All Wrong (Julia P. Pruett)
Someone I Used To Know (R. A. Harrison)
Wake Up The Daisies (Frances E. Lowe)

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Chapel || Halmark

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