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31579/31580: artist uncredited -- I Wish (Gladys Sovinsky) / Memories Of New Hampshire (Lila Mercier)
31989/31990: artist uncredited -- Come Join The Kingdom (Leonore A. Kobler) / Time To Go (Michael Gregory)
LH-9220/9222: artist uncredited -- Cowboy's Seranade [sic] (Joseph Ozurus) / Up On A Mountain (Juaneta M. Willman)
unnumbered acetate: artist uncredited -- Please Stuff This Envelope (With Kisses) (Enza Cooper)
unnumbered acetate: artist uncredited -- Fallow Ground (Enza Cooper)
unnumbered acetate: artist uncredited -- Hold His Promises To Your Heart (Enza Cooper)
unnumbered acetate: artist uncredited -- Tell Me Of His Love (Enza Cooper)

letter accompanying Enza Cooper acetates:
Dear Friend,¶ We have taken it upon ourselves to include the prerecorded chorus of ten additional singers on your song. We sincerely felt that the addition of this chorus, to back up the vocalist, would greatly enhance this very beautiful recording, and we were absolutely right.¶ We feel that when you listen to your recording and hear with our own ears the wonderful difference that a chorus can make, you will agree with us that our decision was right.¶ The very nominal fee of $29.50 that is charged for the chorus to be added to your song is, indeed, a small price to pay for the added greatness to your recording.¶ If, for any reason, you do not agree with us, then there is no need for you to pay the additional cost of $29.50 for the chorus that has been added to your song.¶ If, however, you are in agreement with us, we look forward to your fee of $29.50.¶ Sincerely Yours, Ted Rosen, Talent and Associated Companies.

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Grand || Halmark

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