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Windy-City Records, 2024 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago IL
1978: 14830 So. Ketelaar Dr., Midlothian IL 60445

-- Singles --

550: Billy Brushcreek & His Nuckle Plunkers, vocal by Billy Brushcreek -- The Smart Ole' Doc (J. Lynch-V. Walsh) (C&W Novelty") / When Pa Stomped His Feet And (Played His Squeaky Fiddle) (J. Lynch-Ralph Tate) ("C&W Hoedown"; handwritten on label: "2/16/73")
551: Billy Brushcreek & His Nuckle Plunkers -- Uncle Sam Is Tired (D. McHan-J. Lynch) / Just Sing A Song (D. McHan-J. Garrett)
552: The Toppers (instrumental) -- The Tiger King Fickle Hop / The Toppers (vocal by Lance Hill) -- Here, On This Life's Lonely Road (both wr. Wm. Howard Arpaia)
553: The Toppers, vocal by Sammy Marshall -- Am I A Fool (Marie Halama) / Something Worthwhile (Frank J. Halama)
554: The Modestos (instrumental) -- The Twentieth Century Mode / The Modestos (vocal by Dick Lee) -- Let's Use Love (both wr. Wm. Howard Arpaia)
556: Curley Coldiron & The Circle C Boys -- Sun Valley Polka (Frank J. Halama) / Come On Get Up (C.M. Wickens)
557: The Toppers (vocal by Lance Hill) -- My Backyard Pool (J. Lynch-G. Libonate-E. Stocksdale) / The Toppers (vocal by Sanny [sic] Marshall) -- Friendly Neighbors (J. Lynch-K. Cicatello-E. Stocksdale)
number unknown: artist unknown -- It Would Be Heaven (If It Wasn't Sin) / Home Made Sunshine (1977)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I Am Just As Good As You / Sun Valley Polka (1977)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I'll Take All The Blame / My Lovely Marion (1977)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Nutty Nutty Ball / Put On That Coffee Pot (1978; compare to 1972 Sullivan listing)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Something Worth While / Am I A Fool (1979)

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