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Planet Earth
Planet Earth Records and Publications (a division of the Travis Jay Jones Enterprises)
Sunset-Vine Tower, Suite 414, Hollywood CA 90028

-- Singles --

1007: Travis Jay Jones Combo -- Adventure / Dot (both wr. G. Roncevich-G. Vanderburg) (Rodd sings the A-side, and plays a great Chamberlin brass section on the B-side)
1006: Virgil Callaway Combo & Hollywood Brass -- Mini Skirt / Topless Bikini (both wr. Stormy Minkle-G. Vanderburg)

-- Albums --

1001: Rod Rogers and the Travis Jay Jones Orchestra -- Las Vegas Souvenir
Howdy Podner (Jones-Novielle-Riley)
Lonely Pioneer (Vandenburg)
Lost My Loot In Las Vegas (Frazee-Vandenburg)
Lucky Vegas Gamblin' Man (Jones-Riley)
Lights Of Las Vegas (Avery-Wilden-Vandenburg)
Ace In The Hole (adapted by T.J. Jones)
The Fortune Hunter (Mossman-Ostrow-Vandenburg)
Pussycat A Go Go (Jones-Riley)
Way The Cookie Crumbles (Jones-Metesky-Riley)
Wedding In Las Vegas (Jones-Riley)
Vegas Dollar (Jones-Riley)
Vegas Romp (Jones-Riley)
Credit Card (Ayers-Vandenburg)
Vegas Watusi (Jones-Riley)
in "Las Vegas Sound"; Travis Jay Jones: Planet Earth President

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