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EE 3/4: artist uncredited -- Underneath The Peek-A-Boo Moon (Raymond Lynn) / When I Met You (Stanley Taylor) (both arr. by Fred; both sides labeled "side 1")
EE 13/14: artist uncredited -- Rocking Bronco (Doris Slusser) / Love (Dessie Patrick) (both arr. by Fred)
EE 15/16: artist uncredited -- My Wish (Hilda Kimble) / Bring Back Those Happy Days (Ella L. Moss) (both arr. by Fred)
EE 20/21: artist uncredited -- Rock, Rocking All The Time (Ignacio Musngi) / The 23rd Channel (Elvie Sybert) (both arr. by Fred)
GG 15/16: artist uncredited -- Lead Me Jesus (Ruth Todd) / Shut Off The Teardrops (Clayton H. Rockwell) (both arr. Fred)
108: artist uncredited -- Most Of All (James English) / You Got What You Wanted (Ella Snow) (both arr. by Jay)
138: artist uncredited -- What A Difference (Clarence Bohnert) / Proon Doon Walk (Nathaniel King) (both arr. by Jay)
183: artist uncredited -- That Old Man Of Mine / Wonderful Thing Called Love (both wr. Violet Carter) (both arr. Jay)
189: artist uncredited -- I've Overdone It (Elnora Craighead) / Beautiful, Moonlight Night (Pat Ergina) (both arr. Jay)
192: artist uncredited -- The Silver Thistle (Clara Hartig) / My Princess (George Murphy, Jr.) (both arr. by Jay)
207: artist uncredited -- To All My Little Ones / A Bucket of Dust (both wr. Olive Hahn) (both arr. by Jay)

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Discography ©2004 Phil Milstein