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MG Productions [formerly MG Recordings], PO Box 7853, West Station, Nashville TN 37209

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number unknown: Kris Arden -- From Kris With Love
Once In Every Lifetime (Lloyd Bryer-Bud DeSylva)
Last Night Was The End Of The World (Dixie Earl Bryant)
Now That I Need You (Byron Gwinn-Viola Tascott)
Let Love Live Again (Roy Jackson)
From Kris With Love (Thelma Parker-Murray Wilson)
This Year's Heartache (Duane Valentry)
You'll Want To Come Back Someday (Charles H. Schefer)
Like An Answer (Flo White)
Spring's In The Air (Howard Dennington)
It's Part Of The Game (William Barber)
The Way It Used To Be (Jeri Huntley-James Madden)
The Happy Season (Gordon Toyzan, Sr.)

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