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also: Kama Record Co., Division of Kama Productions

-- Singles --

13: Jerry Norell -- Tott-Toot-Tootsie [sic] / It's Goodsie Time (1962)
33: Gary Angel -- Judy / Memories Of A Summer Day (1962)
500: Ginny Gibson, R. Wess Orchestra -- You Pass This Way (Only Once) (S. Skylar-A.Frisch) / Bluesville (Dick Charles-Dick Criger) (1962; probably not a song-poem record)
501: Gary Angel & The Halos -- Oh Judy / Memories Of A Summer Day (c.'61)
OV-567: Tiny Tim -- Howard Cosell (We Think You're Swell) / The Bi-Centennial Song (I Believe In America) (both wr. Lou DeFelice) (Note: Not a song-poem record; 1976 (duh).)
OV-585: Bobby Blake -- The Man Behind My Purpose (Jolene Massocco; same recording on both sides) (Note: In spite of the spelling of "Bobby," this is the same singer as MSR's Bobbi Blake; "1977" written in hand on label.)
780: The Avengers -- Reflection / Irresistable You
K-781: Danny Bowens & The Avengers -- Lavender Blue (E. Daniel & L. Morey) / Tossin & Turnin (R. Adams & M. Rene)

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