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Caveman Records, Wolf Lake, Ill.
note: affil. with Supersonic Sound (aka Supersonic Music) and E & M Beatnic publ.

-- Singles --

491/492: Jimmy Evans -- I Just Don't Love You (B. Watkins) / The Joint's Really Jumpin' (J. Evans) (also released as Clearmont 491/492; both sides appear on numerous rockabilly compilations)
81462: Sonny Marshall -- Dewdrops / Sugar // Joan Auborn -- Beautiful Dream / I Cried Blues (1962)
number unknown: Drake Morgan -- The Christ Story ("World's Greatest Sacred Song!") / Monty Mathis -- The Drifter ("Western Opera -- a Real Breakthrough in the C&W Field!") (1964)
number unknown: artist unknown -- White Rose Girl (1964)

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