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Song-Poem Cover Versions

Ashtray Boy: Little Rug Bug (on compilation CD Music Of Chicago, Simon Song Records, '97)
Bassholes: Little Rug Bug (In The Red; 45; c.'93)
Ellery Eskelin & Andrea Parkins: Eskelin and Parkins attack four song-poems on their 1996 Eremite album Green Bermudas, not covering them per se but rather interpolating the originals into their music and then responding to their plaintive call. For details, see the Not Quite Song-Poem page.
July Fourth Toilet: "On our album Something For Everyone we knick the opening doo-doo's from 'Hippy Happy Land' for our gnome sub-genre number 'Sweet Gnome'," according to Toilet member Robert Dayton. (see below)
Gretchen Phillips: Gretchen Phillips Says Yes (from Two Nice Girls, Austin; remake of "Jimmy Carter Says Yes" ("Can a lesbian / be president / Gretchen Phillips says yes"); unreleased)
The Polecats: Rockin' Little Eskimo (early 80's British rockabilly revival band; on Pink Noise CD, Rock-It, 1999)
Bob Purse: The Watusi Whing Ding Girl (on The Many Moods Of Bob cassette, privately released)
Bob Purse: My Hamburger Baby (unreleased)
Pat Smear: The Saddest Story (from Germs, late Nirvana, early Foo Fighters, House Of Style; unreleased)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Beat Of The Traps (on Mo' Width LP, Au Go Go, '94; reissued on Extra Width/Mo' Width CD, Mute, 2000)
Spoons & Mr. Manchild: Ecstacy To Frenzy (forthcoming (?) release)
Lisa Suckdog: Shortly after the release of the Beat Of The Traps album, writer/performance artist Lisa Carver, aka Lisa Suckdog, announced her intention to record a song-by-song version of it. However, it is believed that this project never got past the planning stage.
Washing Instructions: There's A Hippy Girl In Town (w/ Eric Goulden, aka Wreckless Eric; unreleased)
Yo La Tengo: Santa Claus Goes Modern (on Merry Christmas From Yo La Tengo 3-song CD, Egon, 2002; availability; mystery lines rendered as: "His faithful reindeer growing old / Those Christmas pasts, they took their toll")

Murray Attaway: Convertibles And Headbands (from Guadalcanal Diary, Atlanta; snippet; voted "Best Weird Cover Song" in Internet "Best of Atlanta" awards)
Austin, TX: song-poem tribute night (no details known)
Conrad Capistran: Maker Of Smooth Music (Capistran performed as "The Master of Angles" in Michael Cudahy's Tiki Wonder Hour extravaganza, Providence & Boston, autumn '91)
Irwin Chusid & Michelle Boulé: Song Of The Burmese Land (at Incorrect Music video event, Fez, NYC, 11-20-99, w/ Willy Liquori on gtr. (hear it in RealAudio); also, on WFMU, 2-2-00, to a prerecorded backing tape created by Wes Paich)
The Electric Logs: I Died Today; The Pig; Do The Turkey; The Hump Dance; Hippy Happy Land; Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush; etc. (Boston; Electric Logs always play a Rodd Keith cover as the eighth song of their live set. According to bassist Andy Karlok, "These [songs] we do pretty regularly, but a lot of times we'll just start any one of them. ... The band's basically a lounge band, with heavy MSR influences.")
The Jimmy Carter Band: Jimmy Carter Says Yes; Ginseng Digger; medley (?) of Convertibles And Headbands, Pinch Me, Our Hearts Were Meant To Beat As One, The Will Of God, poss. others (from Get Me Rodd Keith!!, stage production, Misery/Loves Company, SF, April 21-May 27, 2000; band performs ordinarily as Six Eye Columbia)
Job's Daughters: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush (from SF, w/ Brandan Kearney, Mark Davies, Alex Behr, Greg Freeman, Hugh Swarts, et al)
July Fourth Toilet: Little Rug Bug; Hippy Happy Land; Yippee Hippee; Steal My Music (Vancouver; also on various occasions "did a whole your poems set to music set in which the drunken crowd wrote lyrics for us to sing and play," according to Toilet member Robert Dayton)
Little Randy: I Fell In Love With One Of Satan's Angels (Dallas; limited edition CD-R, '98)
NRBQ with Ellery Eskelin: That Martian Jubilee; Jimmy Carter Says Yes; (with P.J. O'Connell:) Richard Nixon; (with David Fox:) Non Violent Taekwondo Troopers; (with David Fox:) Annie Oakley; More On Ode To Billy Jo (Northsix, Brooklyn, 2-14-04, accompanying showing of Off The Charts)
Gretchen Phillips Experience: Lost In Space (Austin; Phillips also reports that her 1993 band Blaubie "left a box at the local lesbian bar requesting people's poems and then we set them to music and performed them. Some were awful, a couple were pretty good.")
The Poetics: Beat Of The Traps (from Cal Arts, c.'77-'78, w/ Mike Kelley; "Beat Of The Traps" also title of a special Poetics performance)
Robbie Fulks & band: Jimmy Carter Says Yes; Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush (plus snippets of Green Fingernails and I Am A Ginseng Digger) (private wedding, Mendon VT, 9-27-03)
The Self-Evident Truths Of Tom Ardolino & Terry Adams: More On Ode To Billy Jo (of NRBQ; orig. performed w/ Marshall Allen, lyrics were prob. spoken; also done by Ardolino and Adams when playing w/ NRBQ, entirely spoken, w/o music)
SF Seals: Jimmy Carter Says Yes (w/ Barbara Manning)
Snoozer: Ecstacy To Frenzy; Jimmy Carter Says Yes; I Am A Ginseng Digger (Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA, 9-4-03)
Matt Suggs: Ecstasy To Frenzy (NoisePop fest, SF, c.early '01)
Waco Brothers: Jimmy Carter Says Yes (w/ Jon Langford; snippet, Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, 3-16-01)
The Weisstronauts: The Thing; Little Rug Bug; Blind Man's Penis; The Day Snowflakes Were Born; Ecstacy To Frenzy (Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA, 9-4-03, accompanying showing of Off The Charts)
Yo La Tengo: How Can A (Poor) Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain (live, late '90s, regular repertoire)
Yo La Tengo: Jimmy Carter Says Yes ("Covered once or twice with Stephan Wichnewski (then-bassist, and native of Switzerland) doing the recitation: 'errors and wrongdoing I will re-weal'," according to guitarist/singer Ira Kaplan; also performed at SXSW '03)
Yo La Tengo: Do The Pig (Irving Plaza, NYC, 6-1-00 (and/or 6-2-00), w/ Roy Campbell, Jr. on trumpet and Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen on saxophone)

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