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5043/5044: Jimmy Etta Orchestra, Vocal by Lynne Richards -- Christmas Lullaby / You'll Find Santa There (both wr. Erica A. Newman)
5049/5050: Frankie Day with Jimmy Etta Orchestra -- Enchantment / In Love Again (both wr. J. Leshay-N. Barnett)
5067/5068: Howard-Sutor Orchestra, vocal: Bobby Kaye -- Hadija Hadassah / Here And Now (both wr. Bill Brennen)
5083/5084: The Stylecrafters, Vocal by Ray Vali -- It's A Good World (Dorothy Lannon) / In Your House (Lolla Mont Gue)
5086/5087: The Stylecrafters, Vocal by Ray Vali -- Women Scare Me / Hard To Get Mama (both wr. George Gates)
5088/5089: Roy Stanley Orchestra, vocal Claud Randall -- The Song Of The Berkshire Hills (Wells Hastings & Mary Schaeffer) / Roy Stanley Orchestra, vocal Lynne Richards -- Just By Chance (Charles Stahl)
5100 (poss. 5100/5101): Bill Lawrence Orchestra -- Dream Boat Serenade / Didja Didja Do (1956)

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Discography ©2004 Phil Milstein