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Our Centennial Album: Riding Nostalgia And New

Norris The Troubador Seaboard Coastliners
(Mayhams Collegiate 40904, 1976, 2-LP)

The offer:
Norris The Troubadour's one known album, the self-released Our Centennial Album, is a raggedy-ass masterpiece -- one of the most remarkable collections in song-poem history. A 2-LP career retrospective comprised of tracks written over many years, and recorded by several different production companies as well as by Norris The Troubadour himself (and occasionally both on the same song), it somehow holds up as a cohesive, ever-vibrant and even at times moving declaration of musical independence. There is not a weak cut on it.

Original copies of Our Centennial Album are rare, and by now trade for big bucks when one does come up for sale. To support our contention that song-poem fans should have to wait no longer to finally hear this magnificent album, the AS/PMA is now making it available for all to enjoy.

To keep this project from becoming a chore on our end as well as to keep the price as low as possible, we are transacting copies in as streamlined a fashion as possible. Payment will be accepted only via PayPal. The cost is $8.50 ($10.50 outside the U.S.) -- one of the best musical bargains you will ever find. The CDs will be sent out in a plain white sleeve. Graphics are available via a PDF, which you can download (196k), print out, cut out, and use as your CD sleeve when the package arrives. Instructions for use are included with the PDF.

Note that PayPal does not automatically send us an e-mail when an order is posted. Therefore, we ask that you drop us a quick line at the time you place an order, to alert us to check our PayPal account. We shall then fulfill your order as soon as possible -- but, to be safe, please allow us a couple of weeks to get the CD into your hands.

Note also that although our digitizer has done an excellent job, Our Centennial Album was pressed on some of the crappiest vinyl we've ever seen, so don't expect martinized fidelity. Despite the occasional pops and scratches, it remains quite listenable. For the full story of the life and career of Norris The Troubadour, see our Mayhams discography page.

The songs:

LP side one LP side two LP side three LP side four
I Am Back From Vietnam Grits And Gravy Jesus Will Soon Be Coming The Wall Street Daily Cry
Mr. Guitar Man I Know You Can       I Will Be Your Rooster Surfing Is A Sight To See Singing Sied The Showboy
Maryann McCarthy I've Got Soul Love Burning In My Heart       Be No Fool -- Play It Cool -- Stay In School       Blue Am I
My SOS To You But The Rock Rolls On Surfing On A Swingin Swoiree Run Away Heart
Ruby Arlina Zoomba Zoomba High Kicka Zoomba You're My Surfer Girl Forever Sweet Harriet
You're Going Too Fast Rock 'N' Roll 'N' Honey My College Girl Pt. No. 1 Play It Hard -- Play it Smart
House In Bin Fortitude My College Girl Pt. No. 2 Christmas Time Philosophy
 Tom Dooley Last Will and Testament ... all crammed into one very compact disc!

The liner notes:
These new albums will introduce you to the unique talents of Norridge B. Mayham. Otherwise, known as Norris The Troubadour. Norris was born in the Great Southern Seaboard Town of Georgetown, South Carolina. At an early age, he became interested in traveling and when he became old enough, he joined the Merchant Marines to begin his travel all over the world. During the lonely hours at sea he started playing the banjo and singing. After years of traveling he landed in New York, where upon formed a small combo. They appeared on one of New York's leading radio station -- WMCA and signed for five nights weekly broadcast by WMCA -- later broadcasting for WMCA British American Ambulance Corp. Program -- With British children to England -- Later working as a regular artist's for the WMCA Artist Bureau Booking Department & Special Events Programs. The radio program led to night club appearances and these led to the start of college bookings all over the country. As a Collegiate Singing Troubadour, Norris was called on to sing all types of college songs. Norris became so engrossed with his college tours, he started writing college songs along with other material. His vast knowledge acquired during his travels gave him all kinds of catagories to write about. This album features Norris The Troubadours most popular songs which he sings and arranged. It takes you from the past to the present in various moods and interpertations.

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