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Anton, 6710 40th, So. Seattle, WA

-- Singles --

101/102: Jeff Samson -- If Tears Could Bring You Back (You'd Be With Me) (Rose Satterly)/ You Want To Be Babied, Baby (also released as "You Won't Be Babied, Baby") (Dell Raye) (handwritten on both sides: "Dec 2 1960")
103 (poss. 103/104): Joseph S. Powe's Songcrafters -- Awake And Sing / Oh, Holy Child (1960)
105/106: Joseph S. Powe's Songcrafters -- Open Up Your Door / Please Tell Me (1960)
107/108: Sonny Marcell -- Crazy, Crazy Arms / I Still Love You (both wr. Rose Satterly) (1962)
109/110: no artist credited -- Dream House / I Cried About You (both wr. Rose Satterly)
111/112: Harper & Band -- Tears Are For Fools / When You Kissed Me Goodbye (both wr. Rose Satterly-Heck Harper)

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