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-- Cassettes --

SR-206: Star Route -- USA
Kathlyn Davis: Take A Chance (Peggy Byrde)
Kathlyn Davis: Our Life (Tom Martin)
Kathlyn Davis: Can't Find The Words (Anna Cote/Bobby Magee)
Kathlyn Davis: Same Song Second Verse (Bonnie Zaborski-Beck)
Kathlyn Davis: While You Weren't Here (Kasim Ali "Tazzium" Jones)
Kathlyn Davis: Fall Is Coming (Cindy Breck)
Kathlyn Davis: Blues And Greens (Anna Cote/Bobby Magee)
Kathlyn Davis: Let's Take Back What We Said (Bonnie Zabborski-Beck)
Kathlyn Davis: Words To The World (Dave Hamlette)
David Kaye: On The Box (Chris Aphessetche)
David Kaye: I'm A Uriah Farmer's Boy (William Allen Nolan)
David Kaye: Searching (Paul T. Phillips)
David Kaye: Making Memories (Stewart Rye)
David Kaye: Temporary Love (A. L. Dabney -- Lyrics/Bob Lincoln -- Music)
David Kaye: Don't Know Why (Roy L. Batten)
David Kaye: Lovely Mary (B. E. Blake)
David Kaye: What Happened? (B. E. Blake)
David Kaye: Remember You Always With Love (Kasim Ali "Tazzium" Jones)

-- CDs --

SR-275: Star Route -- USA
Bobby Lloyd: Window To My World (Dorothy Wallace)
Bobby Lloyd: Early Love (T. Trachte)
Bobby Lloyd: Follow (Sagascend)
Bobby Lloyd: When I Knew You (J.D. Pitts Jr.)
Bobby Lloyd: Ridin' Down The Road (Joan Lennert)
Bobby Lloyd: How Can I Not Love You? (Sagascend)
Bobby Lloyd: Here's Tonight (Kevin Wall)
Bobby Lloyd: What She Means To Me (Robert Wilson/Dennis Reid/Nathan Lomax)
Bobby Lloyd: Wherever Life's Tide May Find Her (T. Trachte)
Lindsey Rose: Kind Of A Day (Joan Lennert)
Lindsey Rose: All My Life (Maria Lourdes Peralta)
Lindsey Rose: Hold Me In Your Heart (Dan Michaels)
Lindsey Rose: I Love You More (Maria Lourdes Peralta)
Lindsey Rose: Spanning The Miles To You (Audrey LaRue)
Lindsey Rose: Bundle Of Love (Dorothy Wallace)
Lindsey Rose: Fue Por Amor (Quillermo Monterey)
Lindsey Rose: Flights Of Fancy (Audrey LaRue)
Lindsey Rose: Tonight I Miss You Most (Lula Pannell)

SR-291: Star Route -- USA
Joan Rochette: I Need You (Celestino Jaime Oliveira)
Joan Rochette: Bad Love (Cornelius Lee Barker)
Joan Rochette: Never Know Or Maybe Someday (Robert Hagenbush)
Joan Rochette: Tears Of Joy (Richard M. Hancock–Shawna Shenae)
Joan Rochette: Just A Little Lovin' (Cornelius Lee Barker)
Joan Rochette: You Used To Be A Friend (Robert Hagenbush)
Joan Rochette: We Don't Have To Say Goodbye (Juanita Atkerson)
Joan Rochette: I'll Never Leave You Baby (Claude Ross, Jr.)
The Starbright Ensemble: Solitude [instrumental] (Kim L. Capehart)
Matthew Grace: She Don't Give A Flyin' (Phillip Ramirez)
Matthew Grace: Brooke (Sagascend ("Sagittarius Ascendant"))
Matthew Grace: Your Kind Of Love (Dave Fraley)
Matthew Grace: Say I Do (Mark S. Miller)
Matthew Grace: Dainty Yet Proud (David Lindamood)
Matthew Grace: Take A Look At Us Now (Mark S. Miller)
Matthew Grace: Share The Night (Steven James Cramer)
Matthew Grace: I'm All Alone (Stephen Biviens)

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