Celebrity ABC* Gum Project

The Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

You have been invited to help me build the world's most impressive collection of ABC ("already been chewed") gum! Other invitees include actress SUZANNE SOMERS, diplomat HENRY KISSINGER, game show host JOHN DAVIDSON, cosmonaut YURI GAGARIN, actor ED ASNER, activist JESSE JACKSON, disc jockey CASEY KASEM, and actress JUSTINE BATEMAN.

All I ask is that you pop the enclosed piece of gum into your mouth and chew it, either a little or a lot. Then place the gum into the hygienic resealable bag, sign the enclosed sticker (which I will apply to your baggie, when received), slip the bag and the sticker into the enclosed SASE, and deposit into a postal box on your next trip to the 7-11 (maybe for more gum), or wherever else your travels may take you.

Thanks for your contribution to my ABC gum collection, and may all your chews be tasty ones!


Phil X. Milstein

* already been chewed

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